Wednesday, February 3, 2010

XCM e-setter for PS3

Before the LG M2794DP I had in my office/gameroom a LG L1915S monitor - which was great btw. I could connect my Xbox 360 via a XCM VGA Box and play perfectly well, except for the obvious fact that it was weird switching from a widescreen to a standard one.

As soon as I bought my PS3 I tried the same thing but it wouldn't work. Nothing at all was displayed and it was as if there was a resolution mismatch between the console and the monitor.

The obvious google search revealed that the PS3 is not the best choice for mobility. If you want to carry your PS3 around your home (if you have multiple TV's/monitors), in holidays or at a business trip, you will most likely the XCM e-setter.

The XCM e-setter is an ingenious little gadget which resembles a pocket calculator. What you do is plug it to a USB port, then press the keys and define the output and resolution that you want. From what I understand, it sends to the PS3 the same commands that you would do if you actually had a display and configured the settings with your gamepad. Very simple, very effective and it is upgradeable. As a matter of fact, before you use it for the first time you must update it after visiting the product's homepage.

The ending of my story is that with the e-setter I was able to make my PS3 display correctly on my LG L1915S, but I though it wasn't worth the pain, since the image was not as good as for the Xbox 360.
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