Sunday, February 22, 2009



Once upon a time (ie. approximately four years ago, on the year of our lord 2004) there was a bunch of friends. Some of us were bandmates, others co-editors at Metal Hammer Greece, all of us comrades. We have joined forces in order to produce a different kind of webzine. The idea was while keeping a focus on underground music to be open-minded, cover all sorts of art forms while maintaining social/technical/scientific/spiritual sensitivities. The project was appropriately baptized in blood TIGER TELEVISION by Tsamashi Toyo who also designed the logo. I was the self-assigned chief editor - to be honnest this is something I had missed since the CHAOTIK WEBZINE days… We started rounding up material and were quite excited about how things seemed to turn out. Eventually, for a variety of reasons the operation was aborted.

A month ago I was browsing across my hard disks and came across the material I had collected from the team. I thought it was a fucking pity to let it buried and forgotten. I discussed a little bit with Mantas and started posting some of this stuff at my blog. Yet it wasn’t enough. The idea of reviving the fucker was around the corner. The choice of the blogzine format was obvious in order to be fast & flexible, as well as in order to avoid the time overhead a proper website administration demands (and to be honest, we could think of nobody for the job). Initially we thought about going with the Wordpress format. While it is not rocket science I was familiar with blogspot and just wanted to start put things together asap. Plus I’m an old-school type of guy and like minimal, 90’s-like visuals. So here you go buddy!

Let me clarify that we are pretty much focused on quality rather than quanitity, value rather than volume. With the internet era access to information is no longer the issue, rather sorting out the mess. We want to propose select analysis and pointers to quality art, culture and aesthetics. We will do it at our own pace, without stress or deadlines whatsoever. Plus the whole thing is a goddamn time machine! You see some us, as I’ve already mentionned, are senior editors at Metal Hammer Greece. We all have at our bunkers source material for interview features that were published (or sometimes not) in greek language. We all felt it was a petty we couldn’t share this stuff with our friends outside the borders. TIGER TELEVISION is our way to get over with it. All hailz to the magazine’s direction for letting us use it. But please do not mistakenly consider TIGER TELEVISION as a sort of Metal-Hammer-leftovers kind of thing. A quick visit will convince you otherwise anyways… Please also notice, that most of us have musical projects. We will promote them here. If we don’t, who else will? 
Last but not least, in exchange of our generous offer we just demand three things: a) pimp T.T.V. by linking to us, b) do not reproduce our material without quoting the source and providing a link, c) in this kind of business it is cruel to walk the way without feedback from the recipient, so please comment the posts or send us emails/whatever. Thanx!

OK, make yourself a home and do not hesitate to push the button if we can do something to make your stay more pleasant!

Panos Agoros, on behalf of the TIGER TELEVISION team.

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