Sunday, February 22, 2009


“Black Aria II”

This was worth the wait. Glenn Danzig’s second part of Alternative History of Theology through dark ambient sounds is ready for your sinful eardrums. Sporting the unglodly sexy cover from Bill Senkiewicz (Wolverine, New Mutants etc) this is one ritual thingie filled with more voodoo like drums , tons of more eastern mysticism aura , and ,yes, agonizing fem vox . There’s also the appropriate Danzig-geek little present on that “Abbandonment/Recreation”,track. Don’t wanna spoil this for you but ,fuckitall, I will. Glenn takes the old “whooo-aap” backing vocal track from Samhain’s “Halloween II” and places it in the midst of ritual drums and phantom-like polyphonies,composing one of his most chill-you-shitless moments ever to haunt the stereo since “Misery Tomb”. The rest is mute and dominated by church organ synth.All in all this is another case of Glenn dropping off ghis guitar and mic , sitting on the piano and giving you one more real reason to realise the futility of existence. “Black Aria II” ain’t no party music guys, gals and ghouls! 

Tsamashi ToYo 

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