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AOSOTH - Angeldust 616

AOSOTH is the band where komrade mKm, a kvlt underground figure for his unholy crusades with suppreme black metal outfit ANTAEUS, is currently focusing on. Album#2, "Ashes Of Angels", is out now @ Agonia Records, and is a more lethal and inspiring assault than their debut. It was a fit occasion to have a brief conversation with Him, about his current musickal whereabouts and whatnot.

What happened in the AOSOTH kamp since the debut album?

Well, considering the delay in the pressing of the first album & this new opus, a lot did happen. We mostly had to go through a lot of internal session changes, the band did perform live here & there in europa & we had to change all band members more than once. That somehow did limit us when it comes to composition but the actual line up is rather impressive & our two last gigs in trier & ghent were a blast we have the new album out, also a split ep with french Malkhebre out on art of propaganda, all is going fine FOR ONCE.

that's a change from antaeus huh?

ahah quite a change indeed, though we had all those problems with individuals not coping with what we had to go through or the way we are (bst & I) but in the end, I'm taking more decision now when something is starting to get wrong, I dont want to loose time anymore. this fucking tour with SECRETS OF THE MOON really did get me bitter & now, I'm just even less tolerant & more willing to have serious individuals. this fucking tour with SOTM really did get me bitter & now, I'm just even less tolerant & more willing to have serious individuals.

so is aosoth a real band now?
somehow, let's say that it has its core, BST for all music & myself for the propaganda & the whole aura. Our actual session member are very devoted to the act, they just dont compose, but one could tell they are REALLY giving their best & that's also why we do credit them on the album as "live crusaders", they went through hell & tons of issues with us & they did manage to do it with rage & passion. But in the studio, it's still us two so far.

so who's the other guys?
as of today Inrvi from VI, a band from our area, amazing guitar player & very devoted to all sickness Jens from Asphyxiate, a belgium guy on bass I had to meet through Antaeus, very skilled & also a die hard & Tom from Ritualization on drums, but he might not be available on the future gigs due to his numerous bands, he's currently in the usa as session for Merrimack.

what about antaeus?
Still on hold... yet we did met with Seth & we had some talk about doing something in the future. But he's still strict on the fact he doesnt want to perform live. Time shall tell. We wanted to do a special tshirt but it has to be finished, that would be the only release for the year to come

so your vokills sound a little bit different than on the first aosoth i can really define what it is though. can you help me pinpoint that?
well simple, on the previous album of aosoth, lyrics were really intended to be more "traditionnal" in the structure, & very Order Of The Nine Angles oriented, while the new recording has a closer process to "blood libels" lyrics wise, more self introspective & thus nearer to what was done in Antaeus than the earlier Aosoth. also getting older, I guess my voice is just being worn out & sicker.

isnt it lower on the mix too?
mmm dont think so, seems fine to me, but I guess the guitars are just more violent and "out there", that might be the reason why you find it lower in the mix. the instruments are definitly more sharp on this & less "black thrash" influences.

what about the drums?are they all programmed, or is it a mix of programmed and real ones, like in the debut LP?
mostly programmed this time, still has some real parts in it, but it's just a restriction budget wise in the end, since we do perform those tracks live, for those who do seek live performances on stage, they can see that all is done, it's nothing like "impossible", we just had to go for the solution that would allow us more time for the mixing & also vocals.

can you tell us a bit more about the lyrics? any old leitmotivs and new cuts?

with "blood libels" & the artwork, I did a mistake I wish I could erase or change now : enclosing the lyrics. Considering the number of individuals who ended up pissing me off with those, I am not willing to discuss an "expression" of mine. It's somehow like a recording of an happening where I let myself all exposed & burning in torment.

so the lyrics are not printed on the retail version?
the retail version is very sober, minimalist so to speak. The result is better on the lp version of course, all this black dominance on the print & this white vinyl, am very satisfied with the result.

music-wise i think it's less thrashy/oldschool and more strictly BM?
indeed, the first album was somehow written to be performed live, while the second one is more personal, more dissonant, yet having a very instinctive writting at first. I guess one could hear the evolution in between the first track & the last (before the anta cover) since they were written in this chronological order.

you told me privately why you did re-record inner war, but tell the story again for our readers.
to make it short & maybe more clear, the initial version is still something I wouldnt reject. But on a personal level, I always wanted to give it a proper recording & not the demo recording in a cave without having more than one take to do it. We were rushed & I also think that's why it has such chaos in the original version. Yet since this tracks means a lot to me & we do perform it with Aosoth, it was needed to get "inner war" a second version, the ten years after & still RAGING at least now, instruments are tuned & I do prefer my vocals on this one, and I seriously dont care about the "cyfaws was better & all the bullshit", I wanted it that way, we did it. that's all .

why was the original rushed?
as you could guess, no budget or not much, having the sound guy being very bored after hours of guitars & so on, willing to put an end to the recording & also the other antaeus guys not being interested one second in the vocals recording.

let's finish the interview getting back to the vokills it's for sure the rekording at which you sound the most relaxed you also end some vocal lines raising the pitch which is the kind of stuff i like. even if it sounds cliche, you must have been in a "dont give a fuck what they will say" sort of attitude, right?
indeed, for instance, it's the first time ever I would make some "note" last longer than usual, or just be in 3/3/3 for the structure, way more straight forward & without own limitations, in the end, some tracks will never be performed live, but for the others, I'm rather thrilled to get through such experience. One of my fave track is not on the album btw & shall be re recorded for a split with VI on eternity records, this track is the "angels falling down" demo version was on our myspace, since the demo, we did change the lyrics after performing it live & the new version will be INTENSE.

ok so thank you komrade, maybe a new year wish for our readers?
all hails to those who did support us over the years, they are also part of what is exposed. 616

Interrogation by Panos Agoros 2010 era vulgaris

Disclaimer: This interview has been originally conducted for Metal Hammer Greece. Most of it has appeared as a feature in the "Underground Kommandoz" column of issue#301 (01/2010). It is used with kind permission and blessings.


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Γαμάει που ο mKm συνεχίζει να χουλιγκανίζει, έστω με τους Aosoth οι οποίοι κατ'εμέ δεν αγγίζουν το επίπεδο των Antaeus. Ακόμα ελπίζω σ'επανασύνδεση. Το "Blood Libels" ήταν θεσπέσιος δίσκος. Πάνο, ευχαριστώ (πλάκα πλάκα) που με ανάγκασες να ψαχτώ, έστω και στο ελάχιστο με τη γαλλική σκηνή. Παίζει να υπάρχει όντως (μουσικό) ψωμί κατά 'κεί.

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