Saturday, January 24, 2009

27 “Let The Light In”

“Let The Light In”

I came across 27 randomly. Actually I tripped on a sticker of theirs with two colibris - which reoccur often. This led me to order their “Songs From The Edge Of The Wind” MLP & eventually I became a fan. Their post-rock is soothing, relaxing & atmospheric. Maria’s supernice & expressive vocals have a lot to do with 27’s charms. This EP introduces them as a 4-member act. It also demonstrates a slightly different mood: I would describe it as summer/love music in fact. It has very nice, uplifting vibes. Some called it hippyish but I think it doesn’t exactly make justice of a record which is at the same time deep & suprisingly rich sonically. The artwork has been by Aaron Turner (Hydrahead, Isis, etc). The colors are very happily chosen to reflect the atmosphere of the material. He also does some relevant backing vocals to “The Light”, a track that might sound like a lighter version of Isis.

Panos Agoros 2004

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