Saturday, January 24, 2009

BEADY BELLE “Chewbeagappic”

(Jazzland Records)

Still wondering how an initially underground phenomenon as nu jazz has swept over the whole modern music scene worldwide? Well Beate S. Lech and her orchestra of fine and inspired Norwegian players can easily explain the drill to you. Just press play. This is the second full effort of Bugge Wesseltoft’s “protégé” . This is really,really large. Never excessively academic and never too “clicky” , Beady Belle turn super catchy song craft into an internal journey towards the smoothness and class of jazz,funk,be bop…you name it! Sure, it’s easy listening music.But there’s lotsa gold to be discovered in here as far as sound input is concerned , combining the electronic with the acoustic ,groove against ambience, complexity versus easy steps , composition into improvisation. I really don’t know what you find best about nu jazz (or even jazz music in general) but this will positively hook people into Jan Garbarek’s “Places” AND dancing funkers who got into this deal listening to DJ Strangefruit fucking up Nils Peter Molvaer’s trumpet. Short and sweet ,this is music for thirsty ears.

Tsamashi Toyo 2004

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