Saturday, January 24, 2009

KONKAVE “Idiocy Mode”

“Idiocy Mode”
(Damaged Productions)

I don’t know what kind of music you’ve been used to expect from Greece but this is the kind of release that will change your mind (greeks included). In this debut-MCD is evident the appreciation of KONKAVE members for modern acts in the likes of BURNT BY THE SUN, CONVERGE, COALESCE, ZAO, etc. The songs sound actually pretty good & catchy numbers such as “Chronic Plague” are instant pitfillers. There is a lot of rythmic diversity & the band has in general an uptempo mood. I heard this material originally a couple of years back when it was unmixed & without vocals (the band kicked out their previous vocalist before the recordings – thus the delay); KONKAVE sure did a lot of efforts to complete this release. Christos’ vocal style is screamy (actually Tolis compared them to Maniac’s – I dunno though) & together with guest vocals by Labros INNERMOST they add a lot of power to the music, since it is filling out space in the recording like an instrument. Nikos SUN OF NOTHING did his best for a good sound & did well despite the calamitous studio it was recorded at. The only complain I have really, is the guitar sound who could be heavier. The bass sound compensates for that though. It is huge & the basslines are excellent! This promising debut release is rounded up by intriguing & interesting lyrics/songtitles (ie. “Chocolate Bars”), and the astonishing artwork of the digipak. All in all this is a powerful release. Those who’ve seen the band live recently performing new material (more evolved & diverse in the veins of Knut, Anodyne, etc, etc) know there is a lot more to expect from them soon.

Panos Agoros 2004

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