Saturday, January 24, 2009



If there are three things that Richie Hawtin’s listeners are used two then that would be minimalism , five-year gaps between the albums and ,well, Richie not being that much of a talker.

Yes , he is back. Larger . Even more “bassier “(with a cosy “bass frequencies have been eq’d for optimized sound over all listening systems” quote).Ok off with the technical shit. Let’s talk techno! Rumbling in the lightless corridors that 1998’s “Consumed” left him the Canadian musician takes off with his ambient bases and the minimalist dub/techno wrap-up,walks on through his “never-give-up-the -knob-twisting” family tradition of the 303 religion, and finally ends up subduing his graces to modern technology .As crafty as on his Detroit techno cut up extravaganza”DE9:Closer To The Edit”. Precision is the game here ,yes. Oh and ,mind you, a little bit of storytelling as tracks “Ask Yourself” and “Disconnect” bring up some…vocals! So he’s a talker after all . Yep, but not any o’ your usual stuff. Just Cold robotic phrase-dropping. If anybody out there still remember “Vokx” from 1993’s “Sheet One”, I guess you get the picture. ”Closer” is a perfectly good reason to still say you love real techno.

Tsamashi Toyo 2004

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